Slackin' at Newgrounds. Back to Flash?

2009-01-26 01:31:41 by valkyrion4

wow, it's been a long time since I visited NG again. Yeah, I've been procrastinating with making Flash for some time now, due to playing RuneScape (Look me up, RSN: Valkyrion4) and High School stuff. Ah what an exciting time.

I've started all of a sudden to have a rekindling interest in Flash, in fact I'm making a Guitar Hero type game (I'd rather call it a rhythm based game). I've got better at animating/ActionScripting than those crappy-ass submissions from 2007. I still use LiveSwif, it's not as bad as everyone's stereotype, it's pretty good, infact, I believe someone on the forums is making an RPG (real-time!) with it. Oi, I'm a moderator there now. Well that's life for ya'.

Have a nice day!

Oh, shit, um, yeah, er, about one more thing: I'm stilling looking for good (easy to tab) rock/metal/punk songs to use in my game. Know any from the Audio Portal? Shoot me a line eh?


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2009-04-01 03:55:18

Eh, comrade it's china day