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Okay two things I'm gonna talk about:
- My life with Flash and stuff.
- This very annoying layout.

Anyways, yeah, I haven't been on here much like I have said. High school is starting to get hard, I was sick for some time, which got me behind on school, so I had to spend some time covering that up.
I've been doing a lot of RuneScape(ing) lately. RuneScape isn't all that bad anymore, considering the new CEO, graphics, and minigames. After I ran out of membership this one day, I decided to take a break (been 4 weeks since then) and re-visit some of my old interests. I've always checked in with the LiveSwif forums, but never really did much Flash work. Sicne then I've made two game engines, one that has failed already. The other game engine (which I'll develop into "Pinball Field") is going quite smoothly. Watching Flashes here and working with LiveSwif really got me back into the mood. I'm expecting to go back to RuneScape around this week, but now I'll actually set some time (for real) for LiveSwif.

Now then, I just decided to log in my account for the first time (Yeah, I was even too lazy to blam the fuck out of some crap portal feed) in 4 months. What a great day, wait, what the fuck? This place has been commutized! I can't view some Flashes, the portals are stuffed with random Chinese/Commie crap, all because of this April Fools joke? Hell, even the chat is filled with censorship, bicycles, and Chinese characters. Gah. I really do hope itnly lasts for the next week, or this place will die. :(

Now, I'm back to updating this NG user-page. I've also been deciding about web-show with my friends, but that wil be failed with the other hundreds of failed stuff.

Skip the details, onto the nut-kickers:
-Hope this Chinese stuff eventually goes away.
-Less RuneScape, more LiveSwif and other stuff.
-Discover new things to make.
-Finish my first damn game for NG.

And I'm out.